We recommend that all players spend time outside of practice and games to work on their skills. Here are few videos that demonstrate how to improve your skills.

Practice Against the Wall

Every player should spend at least an hour each week practicing against a wall. Use your left and right foot instep with trapping to start and then move to one touch. Here is a great video that starts with simple moves and then moves into difficult ones.

Juggling and Dribbling

Here are some skills that U8 players and above can work on. The video covers juggling, toe touches and working in different directions. Feel free to create your own drills based on the skills presented here.

Juggling for Beginners

Juggling is difficult skill to master, but a necessary one. Start by keeping your leg straight and hitting the ball with backspin. Catch the ball after each touch until you can consistently strike the ball with accuracy. Don’t get frustrated, learning how to juggle takes time.