Welcome Grade 1/2 Coaches (formerly U8) Coaches to the Hudson Youth Soccer Association! HYSA appreciates your time, effort and dedication to the youth of Hudson and we thank you for volunteering to Coach for HYSA! This is a central location for all Grade 1/2 related Documents, links and information. If there is something that is missing please send an email to the U8 Coordinator.

Grade 1/2 Basic Info

The Grade 1/2 children play in an informal league with Hudson and Maynard. The U8’s games are played on Saturday from 8am-9am. The games are played in either at Upper Sauta Field in Hudson or in Maynard. There are 2 practices a week plus a skills clinic. The days and times are determined by the coach. Before each season you will be instructed by the Grade 1/2 coordinator to submit your practice schedule requests. Please get these in promptly to ensure your request is granted.

Prior to each season the Grade 1/2 coordinator will contact all coaches and schedule a U8 coaches meeting. It is very important that all Grade 1/2 coaches and assistant coaches attend the coaches meeting. There will also be a coaches clinic offered for any new coaches. At some point the Grade 1/2 coordinator will contact the head coaches and give them access to their rosters on Sportspilot which is HYSA’s online registration system. Once you have access to your roster you will need to contact all your players and let the parents know they are on your team and let them know what your practice schedule will be. Please always make your first contact of the season by phone. Once you call the parents verify all the information for each player is correct including phone number, email address, players name is spelled correctly. Once the first contact is made by phone you may continue to communicate with the team by email unless the players family does not have email.

Please ask the parents to make sure the players come to each practice dressed appropriately and with cleats and shin pads. They should also bring water and their own size 3 ball to each practice. You can also send a general information greeting/letter via email to the parents with all the important Grade 1/2 information. You can download the letter below (Parents Info Letter)

Since the Grade 1/2 league is the first time our HYSA players experience a real game situation it is very important to us at HYSA that our parents always represent our program in a positive and respectful manner at all times.

To accomplish this HYSA would like you all to keep the following in mind at all times:

  • Be Positive At All Times! Be positive to all players, parents of both teams as well as referees.
  • The goal of the U8 league is simply to “Have FUN, get some exercise and learn the game of soccer”!
  • We aim for each player to have so much fun that they continue to come back and play each season!
  • At this level we do not keep score or standings.
  • Please keep in mind that all referees at this level are very young and just starting to learn. There is an absolute “No Tolerance Policy” – Parents, spectators and coaches should never talk to a referee from the sidelines.
  • Please leave the coaching to the Coaches. We ask that parents and spectators do not coach from the sidelines. When cheering, use only positive words such as “nice play”, “good hustle”, “great try”, “excellent job”, etc. Also be sure to cheer for all the kids on both teams.

If we follow these simple rules I think we be able to set the example for the other teams and consistently represent HYSA as a Class organization. This will allow all the kids to enjoy a wonderful experience!

Grade 1/2 Coaches Documents

Below is a list of all HYSA Grade 1/2 related documents.

Document Description PDF Word Doc
Grade 1/2 (U8) Rules U8_Rules.pdf U8_Rules.doc
HYSA Grade 1/2 (U8) Coaches Manual HYSA_U8_coaches_manual.pdf HYSA_U8_coaches_manual.doc
HYSA Grade 1/2 (U8) 8 Week Practice Plan U8_8week_practice_plan.pdf U8_8week_practice_plan.doc
Grade 1/2 (U8) Coaches Pledge HYSA_U8_Coaches_Pledge.pdf HYSA_U8_Coaches_Pledge.doc
Grade 1/2 (U8) Parents Info Letter U8_parents_info_spring_.pdf U8_parents_info_spring_.doc
Revolution Academy Curriculum Revolution Academy Curriculum for Grades 1 & 2 (Password Protected) Note: Please contact your age coordinator for the password.