Important Note About Uniforms: Please Read!

We require that players have a uniform to play HYSA. There are two age-specific uniforms for HYSA.

Small Fry, Advanced Small Fry & Grade 1/2 Uniforms

  • HYSA will provide a T-shirt to all participating players.
  • Parents will need to provide shorts, soccer socks, shin guards, and cleats. These items can be any color but it is important that the socks fully cover the shin guards.

Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6, Grade 7/8, and High School Uniforms

  • Players who participate in Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6, Grade 7/8, or High School are required to wear the current HYSA uniform.
  • Players who already have the uniform pictured in the image to the right do not need to purchase a new uniform unless they would like a different size.
  • The uniform package costs $65 and includes:
    • one (1) red and white, reversible jersey with the player’s last name printed on the back
    • one (1) set of red shorts
  • The cost for purchasing the jersey alone is $40 and the shorts alone is $30. Your player will need both, so please only order the items separately if you need to replace an item that your player has outgrown.
  • Your coach will give you your uniform at the beginning of the upcoming season.
  • Note that families are responsible for cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, and the appropriate-sized ball.

To Order Your Grade 3/4, 5/6, or High School Uniform:

  • Please visit the Registration page and click on the “Order Your Uniform Shirt & Shorts” button at the top of the page.
  • Payment for the uniform will take place during the registration process.
HYSA Uniform